Left Coast Crime Mystery Convention

I Google. Yes, I consider Google to be a verb. That’s how I stumbled upon Left Bank Crime 2018.

Left Coast Crime is an annual mystery convention sponsored by mystery fans, both readers and authors. LCC is held during the first quarter of the year somewhere in Western North America. Lucky for me this year it’s in Reno, Nevada, an easy day’s drive from Portland. My husband encouraged me to go. And that’s where I am today.

Some of my new bookmarks
The morning started with “Speed Dating with Authors.” The attendees were seated at big round tables, with two empty seats. The seats were reserved for authors who rotated in chronological order from table to table. Each had two minutes to deliver a pitch for their next book or their series. It was just like Table Topics in Toastmasters. The authors came bearing gifts. Loads of bookmarks with a picture of their book cover and a brief synopsis. I now have a nice stash of pens and enjoyed a few pieces of chocolate. I couldn’t take notes fast enough. The energy and enthusiasm was high. Some were first time authors. Others had a dozen or more books under their belt. I felt inspired to someday be one of the rotating authors passing out my bookmarks.

I had the privilege of being introduced to Laurie R. King, author of the Mary Russell series. I love her books. It was like meeting a movie star, only better. Everyone here is friendly. The love of mysteries is a thread that binds us all together. Authors are willing to share and advise. The panel discussions are full of great information by published authors. Their wisdom is priceless.

Take aways:
  • Most authors have a website with a blog for sharing information. 
  • Sign up for all you find. 
  • You can’t learn too much.
Tomorrow I will be up bright and early. There will be no bright about it--it will be dark.  I will be attending the breakfast featuring new authors. It is my plan to be one of them some day.

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