Inspiration Has Me Writing Again

Have you tried to develop a writing habit? Did you find it hard to be successful? I have. Writing has taken a back seat to deadlines and selling a house. Now that the deadlines have been met and the house sold, it’s time to get back to writing. I searched for an inspiration to jump start my motivation. I found it in an email from Molly at MasterClass. My husband gifted me a years’ subscription for Christmas.

The online class I am taking is James Patterson Teaches Writing. MasterClass is offering Anthology 2, a short story project open to all students. The word requirement is 1000-4000 words. Participants voted on the theme and prompts. The chosen theme is Courage. The prompts we will use to inspire our stories are: a chance encounter, something ancient, and say no. We may use one or more. The last day to submit stories is June 29th. Students will vote for their favorite. One of the advantages of participating in this exercise is the opportunity for feedback from other students. I will also be able to read others stories and offer my feedback.

James Patterson's MasterClass
I’m excited about this challenge. I like using prompts to challenge myself. I recently wrote a story based on a prompt I found online. I delivered it in my storytelling Toastmasters Club. It was well received. It shouldn’t be surprising that my story will be a mystery. I can’t help it. It’s the first thing that comes to mind when I want to write. Here is my opening sentence:

It was a chance encounter in a book store that set a series of events into motion.   

I hope it piques your interest. I’m having fun plotting out this story. Check out Pinterest If you are looking for writing prompts. You will find many to choose from as well as links to great articles on writing. As a beginning writer who needs to develop good habits I will start thinking of my writing time as something I do for me and not a chore. I will think of this Blog as a way for us to share our journey on becoming a writer.

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