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As suggested by Stephen King, I am reading a lot. I find since starting to write I read differently. I pay attention as to how the book starts, what point of view the story is told from, and how characters are introduced.

I read first for pleasure. I want to be entertained, to become wrapped up in the characters. I love a book I can’t put down. Reading helps me learn structure, about what works and what doesn’t. It helps me craft my stories. I am inspired by the quality of the writing and the volume of writing many of these authors have published. If they can write thirty, surely I can write one.

One of my latest reads
Some “authorities” say to read the genre you write. Others say to read everything. I have been reading cozies, mysteries, novels and books on writing. I know I need to branch out and read fantasy and biographies.

I’ve discovered some authors new to me. I like them so much that I am reading their other books. When I find characters endearing I need to know what happens in their next chapter.

Last week I finished Bought the Farm by Wendy Meadows, which I highly recommend. It's 1943, and while Mary's husband is away at war, she's managing his newspaper in the sleepy town of Pineville, Tennessee. I found myself cheering Mary's spunkiness and laughing at her best friend Betty's delicate constitution. For me, the characters were vivid and likable, while the bad guy was despicable. I just ordered the sequel. I can't wait to see what kind of trouble Mary walks into this time.

What types of books are you reading?

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